It was a wild, wild week!

It wasn’t just the SC political scene that was wild and crazy this week! The English Garden gang was busier than the CNN pollsters!
The week started off with a fun jaunt over to Charlotte for the Mayesh Wholesale National Open House. My friend and fellow designer, Renee Becker, journeyed over with me for this great annual event. We were expecting a fun, educational day. What we didn’t anticipate was finding a treasure trove of great new vases and event pieces to add to EG’s ever growing inventory. Had we known we were in for a shopping spree we certainly would have taken one of the vans. We had to do some pretty fancy packing to get everything back to Raleigh in one piece. Check out the image below to see our handiwork! Renee quipped that now we know how sardines feel!

Julie, Lacey and Marlene kept the phones manned fielding all kinds of requests. Secret admirers sending love notes and roses. Grandparents sending birthday wishes with gerbera daisies and a framed Pink Panther print integrated into the design. And our favorite of the week…a design that had to incorporate a fabulous Silver Oak Chardonnay, a John Deere tractor and ski wear! We put our thinking caps on and voila! we created a fabulous design integrating Norfolk pine boughs, wintery branches, verdant mosses, roses, and callas. A John Deere tractor cleared a path through green trick dianthus and lotus pods while a coordinating winter scarf looped through the bouquet adding a whimsical nod to the recipient’s love of mountain sports. Check out Lauren’s handiwork below! The design was a huge hit for the recipient’s retirement party and really showcases how the EG team fuses skill, creativity and attention to detail to ensure our customers always receive a wonderful product.
We’ve been busy at work preparing for the Carolina Inn Wedding Show next weekend (hint, hint, we have tickets. Give us a call). Our Charlotte trip produced some super finds not only for the show but also for our newly refashioned consultation area. What would we design divas do without Ikea! Our friends at Mayesh Charlotte helped us select a bounty of beautiful florals for next week including orchids, flowering branches and several fantastically fragranced garden roses. Check out the flower images below for a sneak peek!
The week brought many new bridal consultations. We are seeing such beautiful palettes-lots of deep aubergine, soft smoky pewter, buttery yellow and pretty pinks. We hope to have the chance to play a part in many weddings in 2012. We truly love the experience of getting to know a couple and their families and helping them express their style through flowers.
Next week brings lots of fun events including our first design class of 2012! Stay tuned for more….