Two for Tuesday

I am officially renaming Tuesday, Twos-Day, after today’s interesting kickoff to the work week. Following a restful three day weekend, I jumped into my pile of year-end paperwork; the dreaded red tape no one mentions when extolling all the virtues of small business ownership. An hour of paperwork turned into two. One set of copies turned into duplicates. A single shipment of tulips was doubled by a vendor. Two future brides walked in requesting consults at the same time (a situation we gladly welcomed). So in honor of an average Tuesday that quickly became some type of twin-set Groundhog double play, I’ll share some thoughts on two of my absolute favorite flowers! Two beautiful varieties that graced my desk today and inspired me thru all the madness!

First up, the proverbial symbol of all that is happy…the sunflower. Not often seen (or thought about) this time of year, there is no other flower that makes a work day seem like a beach day like the vibrant golden sunflower. In January and the remaining winter months, sunflowers are not as readily available as they are come mid to late spring. The local blooms generally start to “crop” up around late May to mid-June. Sunflowers during the off months are often cultivated in South America or in California making them slightly pricier than at other times of the year. But what impact! Few flowers can pack a sunflower’s punch! They are beautiful in combination with lots of other florals, but I tend to go the purist’s route- a few simple blooms perched sunnily in a simple vase.
And next, but certainly not playing second fiddle, the beautiful Chinese aster. Unexpected, somewhat quirky, as if Jim Henson had decided to cultivate flowers instead of create furry Muppets. Large aster varieties are still somewhat of a novelty but they are growing in popularity thanks to their budget friendly price, long vase life and unique look. The Matsumoto aster with its more distinct yellow center has become a florist standard and it’s fluffy ruffle cousin, the giant aster, is sure to follow. Perfect in combination with lush bountiful blooms of peonies and hydrangeas, the aster is also stunning shown simply in a glass vase such as this carafe.
If you haven’t perked up your desk or dinner table with one or both of these blooming beauties, snap to it. Whether its a Tuesday or a Twos-day, you are guaranteed a double shot of happiness!